What is PURPOSE? What is your PURPOSE?

After a speech Dean gave, he was approached by a 13 year old middle school girl. She shared with him, her story of personal trauma and her struggle to want to live. She told him, "after hearing you speak today, I've decided I don't want to commit suicide anymore". That single comment anchored Dean's commitment to his PURPOSE!

How do you find your purpose? Many of us struggle to find PURPOSE. Others….they just float through life.

PURPOSE is not the same as passion. Passion is an emotion that can change. We can be passionate about a topic, cause or sports team and then we are not. But PURPOSE, that is something bigger than our self.

PURPOSE is that deep down heart felt pull that just never goes away. It is that constant reminder that you are meant for something more. It is the internal challenge to risk everything so you can make an impact in this world that is greater than anyone can imagine. That is PURPOSE!

In this program Dean will take you on a journey to find your PURPOSE. With expert storytelling, sharing personal struggles and showing you a way to find your purpose, audiences will be inspired to take on any challenge.